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Q. Tell us about yourself and the story behind the brand.
The NAJO story started with a love of Mexico and of contemporary silver jewellery. My mother was a silversmith, and I had always loved contemporary silver jewellery design, particularly by the original Georg Jensen.

A love of travel took me to Mexico in the ‘80s where I
ended up living for a while. I soon discovered a flourishing silver jewellery industry in one of the towns close by. It is really a cottage industry, everything is handmade and hand-polished, the silver is from the mines close to the town and the silversmiths are so amazingly skillful! I was in heaven!

I started collaborating with some of the workshops there, making designs of rings and earrings. So I suppose in those very early beginnings a brand was born, although I didn’t realise at the time it would grow into the NAJO label we have today. I was just having fun!

Jo's favourite Najo pieces...

Q. What was the inspiration behind the Halo collection?
Halo was inspired by that soft glow of light that rings the
moon. I saw a parallel to that lovely reflection of light from sterling silver jewellery.

Q. What does a typical day look like for you?
Collaborating with the team, discussing directions and initiatives, talking to our customers, researching design. These are all activities on a typical day - one thing for sure is that I always pick up the mail each morning!

Q. Who inspires you?
That is such a hard question as I am inspired by so many
people on this earth, whether they be artists, writers, or activists! However design-wise, my compass still points to the original Georg Jensen design principles, and those silversmiths that designed for the company.

"Halo was inspired by that soft glow of light that rings the moon. I saw a parallel to that lovely reflection of light from sterling silver jewellery."

Q. What is the best thing about your role at Najo?
I guess steering the direction of the business is one of the best things, as it is a very holistic role. But to be specific: working with beautiful things, the freedom of creativity and jewellery design, working with great suppliers – these are all the best things about my role. Working with a fabulous team is also one of the best things!

Q. How would you describe your style?
Simple, pared-back, probably too much black! But I love black!

Q. Where is your next overseas travel destination after COVID?
I have been planning to meet up with a group of friends in
Nicaragua and Cuba at the end of 2021 – if that will be possible.

Q. Do you prefer gold or silver?
I adore silver, and I love the colour of 22ct Gold. I cannot decide between the two!

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