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Recommended Care

Silvermoon Guarantee that all our diamond and fine jewellery has been made to the highest standards of quality and workmanship.

To preserve the beauty of your jewellery over time:

Metal Care

Silver will tarnish naturally; certain exposure can influence oxidisation such as sulphur or even perspiration. Clean your jewellery regularly. Always use a professional jewellery cleaning product carefully as per the manufacturer’s instructions or delicately wipe with a soft jewellery cloth.

Gold or Platinum will require to be polished depending on wear to remove surface scratches.

Silvermoon White gold jewellery has been Rhodium plated to enhance its appearance where regular maintenance is required to enhance the colour depending on wear.

Pearl Care

Pearls should be wiped with a soft, dry jewellery cloth after each wear. Pearls in settings should avoid contact with hot water. String of pearl stands will wear in time and will need restringing depending on wear. Newly restrung pearls will appear rigid at first but after wear, it will soften and sit properly.

Gemstone Care

Although natural stones like diamonds and sapphire are on the higher end of the MOHS scale, all stones require the same amount of care. We also recommend that you have the stone setting of your jewellery checked regularly.

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