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As much as a story about jewellery, it has also been a story about family and relationships. Our jewellery journey began over 60 years ago with expertise and knowledge passed down generations. Peter and Wendy’s introduction into jewellery started at a young age, some of Wendy’s earliest memories rummaging through her mother’s jewellery box in awe of all the previous gemstone pieces that had been passed down to her over generations. Each piece representing a milestone, the feeling of significance that was fostered from sentiment, the true mark of an heirloom that carries meaning. From this was born a passion that has remained consistent throughout her life. Wendy and Peter met during high school and what began as an after school job to help a family business has now evolved into Silvermoon company. As husband and wife, Peter's entrepreneurial spirit and Wendy’s eye for design represent two facets of a single passion for creating our Silvermoon brand.


We are incredibly proud of the love that goes into making each piece of precious Silvermoon jewellery and only work with the best craftsmen. There is an incredible wealth of creative talent and craftsmanship in our team, from our founder and designer, to our master goldsmiths and our highly skilled jewellers we have over 60 years experience in making beautiful pieces. All of our precious jewellery is made using ethical gold and conflict free stones.


We make modern heirlooms to last a lifetime, sparkling pieces that you can one day pass on to become part of your story. At the heart of our brand, we are always learning, always improving, so we can do better for you. Our team will go above and beyond every step of the way to help you decide on something truly meaningful for you. Silvermoon has been a part of so many joys - engagements, weddings, anniversaries or "just-because". Being a part of these stories resonate at the core of who we are and remind us every day that what we do means everything.

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